I Dream In Green And Floating Triangles

Actually, I have realised that - although not so good for my waistline - an enforced period of rest does mean that the pressure's off
Thus; composition through 'playing' and 'dreaming' in an A3 sketchbook is productive - for the mind, the body and the well-being:

Bowls Of Iced Water Are My Friends....

Here's a thing. 
I spent an evening with my aching Achilles elevated, cutting up pages from a magazine or two. 
I simply cut fairly random shapes - mostly dictated by the shapes colour and texture on the pages.
Next I created a backdrop in the form of a not quite plain white piece of A3 paper.
Hey ho - then I played...and snapped, with my phone, as I arrived at different potential solutions for composition and layout.
Interesting how the shapes fit together to become something recognisable - or not - and how they suggest what they might be, when alone or joined with one another.
Anyway - here they are:

The dilemma - I only have one set of shapey-shapes - what to do?...

I Know Where I Can Stick It....

Paper, with glue, that is...
I have been creatively responding to tidying and sorting and de-cluttering my old Dad's place - realising that my love affair with all things stationery is inherited from him.
Unable to just chuck out ALL the yellowing papers, envelopes etc. I started using some to make collages.
I am taking my cue from Rex Ray, who wanting to make a conscious change to the direction of his creative pursuits, simply cut up magazines every evening, gluing and sticking to make many many small-scale collages - more doing than thinking initially, I imagine - always a good way to start.
There's a little film I found on Pinterest that's worth a watch:

For me the small pieces are more engaging than the larger laboured finished collages - nevertheless, his work is very popular and his collages on a grand scale are successful. In fact it is a pleasure to see collage on a bigger scale - the nature of bits of paper is that they are generally small in scale - which inevitably dictates a scale for their use in a collage piece.

Here are a few images of some collages I have been working on recently:

As Promised - The Insides.....

Just took my phone into my shed - to snap, almost at random, the insides of my sketchbooks - some old, some very recent - to give you a glimpse of my personal observations, memories, dreams and plans:

 Phew - I have more....! - which I will put on my Sketchbook page soon, if you want to head over there in a couple of days...