February Workshop At The Sainsbury Centre

Enjoyed a busy workshop - twice - on Friday last week
It was the theme of Surfaces: Pattern and Texture
Students looked for patterns in the art and artefacts of the collection at SCVA, making lovely well observed drawings of details and repeated shapes

Next they used their pencils and erasers only to create the different textures on the surfaces of items they found


Once back in the studio, the students worked in pairs to double up and 're-draw' their shapes in collage, creating interesting textures

Finally they worked individually to make rubbings of their textures - back to monochrome after all that colour!
They chose their collages that transposed to rubbings with the most interesting and successful results and repeated these to create patterns through texture



This is the time of year when there does't seem to be a moment to catch my breath. That of course has resulted in me not putting anything on my blog for ages...many apologies if you've looked and it's the same old post for the last month or so.
So, I have many drawings from life/portrait drawing sessions to post here (soon) and also sketchbook work.
I think of sketchbooks as vehicles for thinking, dreaming, planning; what if...? type of activities.

Recently small one comes in on occasion and I give him paper so we sit together in quiet company, doing our own thing.
He invented his own language last week with symbols for words...

And he drew a shape similar to the first drawing, which I copied!!
Anyhow - here's the sketchbook:

I Am Very Dusty Rusty!!

Recently started Life Drawing and portrait sessions on Thursday mornings.
I was working out last week that I haven't done life drawing since 1998 or 1999...and boy, it shows!!
Can't quite believe I have left it seventeen years before I got back to it: 
I haven't taken my eraser with me yet as I quite like to see the story of the changes I make and how my eyes and hand are working out what I'm scrutinising..
week one: Lacking confidence, I only took an A4 sketchbook

week two: I was teaching a drawing workshop myself....so missed the first portrait session.

week three: Lovely Maddy lent me her table easel - so standing up to draw and A2 paper it is from now on; that's more like it..feels so much better:


week four: portrait session - even harder than life drawing:

week five: Sessions seem to start with short five and ten minute poses and then fifteen minutes, half an hour, a break for really lovely coffee and jaffa cakes (!!) and then another twenty minutes or so and finally a really short pose again - so no real chance to spend a longer time drawing, as yet: 

Although I am itching for an hour long pose so I can really get my teeth in to a drawing - looking back at them here, I enjoy the gestural marks that the quicker ones seem to bring out of my hand.

I am absolutely LOVING the process of sustained concentration and looking - a couple of hours when I completely forget the rest of my life and even lose the other people in the room!

I've Been Playing Again...

Having made a few collage pieces with the rectangles on top of the 'bridge' shapes, I had a feeling that I should try a 3D version. So this weekend I got out the workbench, some off-cuts, a few little saws and some sandpaper...and here is the first try: 


I trimmed a small piece of perspex / acrylic sheet to employ as a 'spacer' between the two blocks. I think it will be really important to indicate that separation. 
Not sure if it works that well, as it looks white in some lights - but backlit it appears clear-ish.
and it may all change if I paint the wood - or do some of the line drawing on the surfaces...

Anyway, happy with this little thing I went in and made a couple more small collages - to give me thinking time, mainly...then went back out and made some more:

Next thing is to play around with whether and how to develop the surfaces - any ideas...?

It Was Busy...!

A few photos from the putting up and the Private View at The Tea Lounge in Norwich...

Unfortunately I forgot to take and forgot to ask anyone else to take photographs when everyone was there! Luckily the lovely Jon did take one of Helen and me at the start of the evening...more people did arrive later, but it does look a bit quiet from these images!

All went well and pieces are selling - so thank you to those who came along, good to see you.
Plently of time to pop in to the cafe as the exhibition continues until 17 October. 
As I may have said before - the home-made soups are dee-lish-us..