Inspiration Comes Of Working - And Of Walking..

Recently I have discovered a lovely local walk where I very rarely meet anyone at all - and enjoy only the company of wild tiny things and the dog. The walk takes me from my home, through a housing estate and away, out into a lane, past a church to a footpath that leads me along a field's edge. At the bottom of the field is an oasis of wildlife:

Butterflies and bees and noisy birdies are everywhere. After crossing another lane, the walk takes me through the cool long path at the end of a wood, with darling Cranes-bill lighting it up: 

When out into the light again, it's a short rise past another wee church and out onto a different lane, past a pocket of sweet cottages with gardens full of blousey roses before a long straight road back to my village, and home. A precious hour that sets me up for the day:

Keeping Coooool

My little shed gets completely boiling hot in this sort of weather - to the extent that it's very nearly physically impossible to be in there after 2pm. 
Looking at these small pieces - two pairs and a single - I think the greys and blues are happening as an attempt to be keeping cool.......

It's not working - as I am rather too overly hot thank you very much. But there are elements of these that are heading towards success, so it's not all limp and wilting. Phew
Here comes the weekend!

Like A Little Bit Of Typography

This weekend, a number of family commitments have meant a short snatch of time was spent in my shed - but knowing I only had a couple of hours made me focus and try one or two juxtapositions:

So, Annie - What Have You Been Up To Today? I Hear You Cry.......

On the left - below - I made a watercolour of my collage - as you see, I didn't draw or trace it out - I just started painting, so it's not that accurate a rendition:


In the flesh, these two don't look quite so post-apocalyptic as they do here:

Here I am trying out composition (aren't I always) straight onto the table - no white space...

Can't beat a bit of typography; sometimes it's just what's needed to add that element of surprise / questioning / implied meaning:

I just started to see a creature striding across the space and had to make it so...

Sunday Morning = Mum, Sunday Afternoon = Artist

After the party in celebration of small son turning five, I headed to the shed for the afternoon and started painting my own paper swatches for using in collages - after having cut up the mono-print to use the inked, marked surface, rather than simply found papers - and also after having seen the Matisse Cut-outs (another post for another day).
Laying down ideas:

Grouping the coloured swatches - I liked the honest simplicity of the much less composed layout. Less self-conscious:

Made a few close-up photos to clip those shapes - changes the relationship of the colours:

And this one started out as the page for painting the cut out card pieces onto - to catch the overflow. I liked the 'edges' and added the little squares of colour (Bissier-style) and filled in some of the shapes/spaces created: