Cut Open Preview

Busy weekend, just gone. 
The Cut Open Preview on Saturday - I have three pieces there; hung together in a small group.
It was a bit disappointing, I am sorry to say - not a big turn-out. 
I'm not surprised though as the Cut were by no means shouting about it. 
there was NO mention on the Cut website of a preview, nothing on their blog - and their Twitter account doesn't seem to have been used AT ALL for nearly a year....! 

The exhibition space is really big upstairs and they filled it - and the cafe space too, with lots of work... I realise that opens are a money-making exercise as much as a chance to showcase artists' work. They must have made quite a bit of money. The very least they could have done was to publicise the preview and the exhibition better. 
There is a listing on the website for the exhibition itself - but nothing regarding the preview - which is a shame as it could be a bit more of an event.
We didn't stay long.

Better day on Sunday...!
That's because I made a trip to see the studio of painter Richard Nejranowski.
The pleasure for me is in the clear consideration involved with his work.
It was a great visit - so useful to see the work in the space in which it is produced and hear Richard talk about it.
We may plan an exhibition together some time in the next year or two - no hurry - still at the thinking stage...and Richard takes time to make his paintings, returning to them over a long period.
Here are a few photos of his workspace and his lovely calm 'colour-field' work:

Although there are undoubtedly influences from Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park series in some of Nejranowski's work, there are distinct differences too. 
The small incidents of bright colour and the love of pattern - plus the play at the edges of the canvas - are compositionally akin to my formal concerns. 
That's why I think our work would sit well together in an exhibition space...  

International Collaborative Collage Swap

I'm as excited as when I got a German pen-pal through school, or the time I found a message in a bottle on Lowestoft beach from a child in The Netherlands!
Why? I hear you cry -
Well, I sent off my details to register my interest in the Papirmass and Brown Paper Bag COLLAGE SCRAP EXCHANGE
See more information about this on the Papirmass website HERE

The Collage Scrap Exchange will be back!
Visit Sara Barnes' blog: Brown Paper Bag

Today I have been given the name of my exchange partner!!
I just waved bye-bye to an email introducing myself to her - and asking "Where in the world are you?"

Over the last couple of weeks, since I heard that I would be part of this, I have been collecting collage material that is specific to Norwich - thought it would be interesting for my partner, as the theme is 'New Landscapes'.
I can't wait to add these to the other collage scraps I have for her - gold leaf bits, hand painted papers and printed material:

Equally - I'm on tender hooks to see what will drop on my door mat from my exchange partner
Once we receive each other's scraps, we are to create a new collage piece, incorporating some of the scraps we get in the post.
Then we email the images.. We might even get into an issue of Papirmass...fingers crossed
Nearly a THOUSAND people from around the world are taking part.
I am looking forward to being part of a big International Creative Collaboration
Oooh I hope my partner gets back to me soon! Can't wait to get making...

The Barn Scrubbed Up Well...

That funny old cart shed with the seventies sliding patio doors on (yep, I know!) looked great this weekend - all clean and clear - to show my work in a little 'at home' sort of exhibition.
Here are a few pics of the 'getting ready' stage, taken a week ago:

The canvas wall was already hung - to hide all the stuff behind - but there was still lots to be done..
Yet, at the weekend it looked like this:

Well - not quite like the wobbly panoramic one with an artwork-eating window and a ghost table...but you get the idea..

I was chuffed, big style with my homage-to-Malevich wall. 
Look how that cheeky little window is even pretending to be a pastiche of the Malevich black square:

A great big Thank You to all those lovely people who helped out to make it happen and THANK YOU to those who came along to support me as well. I was surprised and delighted by your positive responses and generous feedback.
I'm planning to do Norfolk Open Studios next May and a joint exhibition in Norwich sometime next Spring too - if I can find one or two people who work in such a way that our pieces will compliment each other...
So, if you missed this show, I'll keep you informed here and on my website. Be lovely to see you at the next one.

Planning For 2015? - Make Time For You....

Very important
That's why I have planned some fun, creative, self-indulgent workshops, just for you...

Happily they'll take place in two venues - so you have a choice of dates and places.

I'll run four full-day workshops at The Art Trading Company - which is in Bungay...on Saturdays in Spring and Summer next year:

Recycled Paper Collage with Gold Leaf - 
combine the pragmatism of re-use with the indulgence of precious metal
- 23 May

Painted Paper Collage - 
painting techniques on paper, then using them to collage
- 6 June

Chine Colle Mono-prints - 
collage and mono-printing techniques combined
- 4 July

A Letter to...(a loved one) - 
working with type and hand-written elements 
- 15 August

Details and booking at The Art Trading Company website

To compliment these, join me at my studio for some shorter-day workshops during 2015, with the following themes:

Collage - explore using Gold Leaf - similar but different from Bungay
Saturday 28 February

Experiment with Mixed Media - create a painted collage art piece
Saturday 21 March

Creative Collaborations - bring a friend and create together!
Saturday 9 May

'And I Quote' - explore various techniques to create lettering and make a creative quotation
Saturday 20 June

Check out more information on the workshops page of my website

Bye-Bye Collage - Across Europe....

This week I sent a collage on it's little way to Europe, in a carefully constructed cardboard folder / parcel:

The Post Office have a good system where I can track the package as it travels south..

It's not there yet... Bye collage - safe trip!

Started Framing For The Show...

 Phew - it's all go from now until late November - as I'm counting down to me little exhibition in the Barn...
Spending time painting frames and cleaning glass.

When I was unwell, I used the sofa-time to construct one or two very small scale collages - with a few of my lovely old stamps. With dear old envelopes, they've made some fun little cards - on the left. The ones on the right are printed and taken from my larger collages:


When I was printing the little labels, for the backs of the cards, I REALLY wanted to resist putting 'vintage' (such an over-used phrase...) but succumbed in the end because 'pre-loved' sounded really American (no dis-respect to lovely people from the US - it's just that I'm not American).
Also, it gives the impression that the envelope may have been used before - written on or sealed and then opened.
Using 'old' made me think that the flaps would be stuck down, as they sometimes can be if they've been stored in a damp place..
These gorgeous envelopes are NOT stuck down and have NOT been used before, they are just old - but that still seemed the wrong word. 
Maybe I have been a bit harsh in the past about the word 'vintage' does say 'old but loved and in good nick' - like a vintage car, I suppose...

I'm quite into me snippets of gold leaf on some of my work at the moment - so a little fragment on each of my other cards gives it an individual touch:

It's A Lightweight, Fly-Away Sort Of Thing...

I'm very happy to announce that it's time for a Creative Collage Workshop
Here's the flyer:

This time - you'll have the chance to mix science and art...dabble in Alchemy we create GOLD for your beautiful collage artwork. 
Well, that's a big fat lie actually, we won't exactly CREATE gold (not in three hours) - but we most certainly will work with it 

Can't wait... 

It's my first workshop in the *barn, so should be really good fun... 
My dear man (the BEST male cook over 40, in our house, I always say...) is going to cook up some delicious little nibblets to accompany the scrummy coffee and tea

  • No really - he is a good cook - 
  • I'll provide you with ALL the materials -  including gold leaf - with which to experiment (but if you have things you love to use, bring them along)
  • Bear in mind - there are only EIGHT places, for a morning of creative focus

So, lots of reasons to get in touch and book up.
email me: 
*Please be aware that there are steps and some uneven surfaces to negotiate en route to the barn. There is space for up to four cars on the driveway. Buses run regularly to and from Norwich