Good Things Happen In Threes

This time it's the turn of the triangle to get all the attention.
Contemporary and historical juxtapositions of graphic art and surface design and the joy of shape play is the link across these pieces I've chosen here.
I enjoyed mixing the order of placement for the images below.
See how they impact on each other, making uncanny connections:


Inaluxe is a favourite - a creative design duo of two artists; Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd and work in Australia.


Erwin Kho

I included Erwin Kho, an illustrator based in the Netherlands, as I love the low poly technique (triangles used for those pale orange trees) and his dreamy floating landscapes.

Lygia Clark


Sonia Delaunay

Lygia Clark


Erwin Kho

Sonia Delaunay

Full Circle

Thought I'd show some examples of art and design work that I enjoy - with the motif of the circle (simple and complex) as an underpinning force:

Your Paintings - Ben Nicholson paintings:
Ben Nicholson - Painted Relief - 1934

Lucas Grogan - Just Quietly Babe - 2011

Alexander Calder - Cercles - 1964

Agnes Martin - Untitled - 1960

Lisa Congdon - Sketchbook - 

Sonia Delaunay - Fashion Plate - 1924

There's something really wholesome, stable and reassuring about a circle. It goes off but comes back round again and as it closes up it is full - complete
It seems natural, being a shape we see in stones and the sun and moon. 
It's also easy to make - a stick in the sand and a 360' turn will draw an almost perfect circle.
Did you know that Giotto was asked by the pope to demonstrate his 'artistic genius' by drawing a perfect circle freehand in one stroke?
There is a Rembrandt self portrait that shows him in a somewhat defiant pose - hand on hip - in front of two circles on a wall. Could this be a reference to Giotto as he 'proves' he can paint?

Tuesday To Saturday

So, the exhibition - Portmanteau - is on until Saturday 19 November - but be aware please that Anteros, Norwich is closed on Mondays.
If you can't make it - here's a taste of what you'll miss..!

You Ain't Seen Nuffin Yet....

I have a little solo exhibition in Norwich during sort of mid November...

As I am making all new work for the show, I want to utilise the lovely window area with a site-specific piece. 
Title:     Portmanteau
Dates:   8 to 19 November 
Open:   Tuesday to Saturday 09:00-17:00
Venue:  Anteros Arts
             7-15 Fye Bridge Street
             Norwich NR3 1LJ

Popped down there the other day to take some photos to remind me..

The library was empty, which meant I could see the space really clearly

If you can, please do come along - and even more importantly - do leave me some feedback/criticism in the comments book that I'll provide.
Sometimes when you embark on a new adventure, it's a bit butterflies in the tummy time.
You know, when you're not really sure if this is actually a direction you should be going - into the unknown.
So, to have some honest thoughts (not just "Lovely show" or "Nice work") will really help - I won't be around for most of the exhibition, which means I won't even know who wrote it...!!

The Library room at Anteros is a great little space. I really like that it isn't only a dedicated gallery. With a secondary function, it feels more approachable somehow. You can sit at the table in there, get a book out and mooch.
In keeping with the bookness of a Library, I will have sketchbooks for people to flick through...
If you follow me on Instagram, you will have had a sneak preview of some recent sketchbook pages - otherwise it's ALL NEW WORK - and you ain't seen nuffin yet!!!

Getting Ready For SCVA Studio Workshop

Sainsbury Centre Teachers' INSET programme
Studio workshop
Saturday 15th October
Below is the information sent to teachers for the INSET day coming up very soon.
We chose to focus on paper to underpin the day - a readily available and highly transferable material with much scope for different outcomes:


Probably not too late to sign up or signpost an art or textiles teacher you know to this fun and enriching day we have planned.
We took several photos of our planning and playing - exploring our ideas - when Becca and I got together last week:

Sainsbury Centre Teachers' INSET programme
Studio workshop
Saturday 15th October

A day of creative exploration of the exhibition FIJI: Art and Life in the Pacific.
Led by Artist-Educator Annie Brundrit, and School and Outreach Programme Coordinator Becca Sturgess.

Taking inspiration from painted Fijian barkcloth and woven floor matting, we will explore the potential of paper and pattern. 

Through developing knowledge and understanding of the traditional processes and craft skills used to make Tapa and Masi, we will experiment with similar materials and techniques to make creative responses to the exhibition.

There will be the opportunity to work in both 2D and 3D. We will consider paper as a surface for decoration through drawing, painting, and print, as well as exploring its suitability as a material for building structural sculptural forms on a variety of scales.

We will look beyond the exhibition to global contemporary practice in art, craft and design. We will discuss links to other curriculum subjects.

The workshop will be suitable for Teachers working at all levels. The activities will enable you to build on existing skills, and benefit from working alongside and exchanging ideas with your peers.