A Day Off Campus

Had a lovely day out of college with the students, to research for their next project.
We got a teeny coach to Cambridge - just enough for 31 of us - for a trawl around several museums.
The impressive Fitzwilliam was our drop-off and pick up point. There was also the Scott Polar museum to see, the Whipple, the Sedgwick, The Archaeology & Anthropology and finally on the list was my fave - Kettles Yard.
~ dear old friend Kettles Yard ~
I'm SO glad some of the students made the longer walk up to the top of town as I think the place made a big impression.
The house worked its magic - initially the students seemed somewhat ambivalent and nonplussed - but gradually, as the spaces opened up and they realised the way shapes, forms, light and colours were connected consciously to fuse / art / interior / museum / object / home / gallery /  they began to be smitten...
It was a joy to see!
I took some photos:

Photographs become easy to find and take when the space is so well composed
*Heads up*
I was told today that both the house and the gallery are closing in March this year - for TWO years - as they're building a new education wing - so visit before then

More Good News....

Not only did I hear that I have been selected for the CLEY15 exhibition in North Norfolk this summer - but my proposal to teach a workshop during the said exhibition has been accepted too!

I am one happy girl, oh yes I am

Over on my new 'workshops 2015' page you will see - if you care to scroll down to the bottom - the short blurb I wrote for any leaflet/press etc. which should give an outline of what the workshop will entail.
There is also information on my WEBSITE about it, if you fancy a visit

I'm really looking forward to teaching up there, on the North Norfolk coast - the setting for the exhibition encompasses the landscape in the village and along the walk down to the shore, so lots to inspire...

I expect all on the committee are very busy collating, planning, communicating and other committee-type things that the dedicated volunteers do to enable such a fantastic exhibition each year. Hence - probably - there not being much information on the CLEY15 website just at the moment.

What there is though, if you are keen to learn a bit more about how the NNEP was set up and runs, is an interesting page HERE

You'll also find out what NNEP stands for

Here are some pictures - as I'm a visual person and it's only been writing so far:

Cley Church
John Sell Cotman
Ah - Summer,
I miss you

medieval graffiti,
in the church

Exciting News To Welcome In The New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL - Here's hoping 2015 brings good health and happiness to everyone.
Being full of cold has enforced a couple of days snuffling on the sofa - which enabled me to reflect on last year and have a little think about how 2015 might pan out - - - when, to kick things off, an email dropped into my inbox - - - telling me that - - - my proposal for an art piece at CLEY15 has been - - - ACCEPTED!
Past artists include:
Roger Ackling:

I'm lucky enough to have met and known all three of the above - lovely, lovely people with considered and erudite work. 
Sadly, Roger Ackling died last year - I was privileged to have Roger as a tutor on my MA

Here's what the CLEY15 webpage says:

"Each year our exhibition is designed and selected by a different curator to promote exceptional contemporary art by national and local artists in varying disciplines... We have a proven track record of success. We attract over 6,000 visitors each year, and our quality has been recognised by Arts Council England and The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation."
Visit the website to read more HERE

How exciting. I am very pleased to be part of a local and national contemporary exhibition with a rigorous selection panel, which is taking my ideas seriously.
This will offer me a chance to extend some of the concepts I started to explore during my MA:

My proposal is to respond to the hidden spaces and things around the site(s), celebrating them through recording and labelling them. 
This would give them a sense of importance - maybe turning them into works of art themselves...
The first visit/meeting is in February, when I can make an initial visit to the spaces.
Can't wait!