A Reminder Of ALL Our Creative Possibilities...

Sometimes when I flick through Amazon, I find a little gem and if it's only a few quid, I treat myself...
This came the other day...
It is an attractive little book - small square format and even the texture of the cover is very pleasing.

I had read a reference to it on a blog somewhere - sorry I can't remember which - 
Anyway - I liked the sound of it's message and saw it was about a fiver on Amazon and feeling flush...'pressed that button!'
Well, it duly arrived - at my Mum's house - because I'd pressed the WRONG button!! So Mum put it back in the post and it got here a day or two later.
These photos are taken with my mobile 'phone (hence they're a bit rubbish, sorry) - that evening as I sat up in bed reading it (the 'phone contract has six months to go, then I'll get one that has a better camera) 
It's a great little set of thoughts that ring true and Austin Kleon offers sound advice in nicely presented sound-bites; well constructed.

I think, really, for 'STEAL' - we can read EMULATE...

Now I like a reading list as there's always some more research and/or procrastinating to be done... Mmmm - which one shall I go for next?
Oh - and also, to make up for the fact that I can't remember that blog (see above) - can I recommend Alex Mathers' blog: Red Lemon Club to you, please? 
It is current, informative, full of incite, drive and motivation - all with a really personal feel - especially if you subscribe to his email feeds....
Have Fun

The Power of White Paint...

Well, we transformed the old barn interior - from a burgundy walled, black ceiling-ed darkness into a light airy barn again - with two coats of white paint - some long reach rollers, BIG stepladders and a brush taped to a stick:

First coat at the far end (late at night!):

Light floods in  - and at last, makes an impact:

Difficult to get the whole thing in - but believe me, that red corner was difficult to distinguish as it was SO dark...
Now for the sorting of the stuff - a partition - and then...workshops!

Pillow Fight...!!!!

Yes I had a go at the pillow fight - that's the SECOND pillow fight - a competition run by Ohh Deer.
Ohh Deer is a website that uses several UK artists who contribute their designs, which are then printed onto various products and sold to retailers in the UK. Each artist gets a (small) percentage from every item sold with their design on. Have a look here
Their way of finding new stuff is by competition... You can submit up to three designs for 'throw pillows' or cushions.
Have a go - it's free - you never know!!
Having said that - there are LOADS on there...best to use the filters.
Here are my three:
Quirky Illustrated Gifts | Pillow Fight Round II | Ohh Deer

Quirky Illustrated Gifts | Pillow Fight Round II | Ohh Deer

Quirky Illustrated Gifts | Pillow Fight Round II | Ohh Deer - just entered the pillow fight... 
I used the Photography, Digital and Nature filters