Bunnies, Flowers, Pastels - It must Be....

Easter has begun in our house - despite it being freezing and trying to snow outside.
Littlest boy of mine and I doodled some Easter and springtime sketches on a piece of A4 which I then photocopied onto pretty pastel paper. We practised our cutting technique and have spent some time gluing the strips into fun paper chains to adorn the dining room. 

The gorgeous flowers are a sweet gift from my lovely colleague who will be back at work proper after the break - I am SO pleased to have her back!

She also gave us this joyous Easter fun-time cake stand! Oh, hello little bunnies! We are just going to make cakes to pop on top - for a little while - then we'll eat them ALL!!  

Small boy has just given these bunnies names - below is Ruby, then Nubey, Truby, Bigby, Whistle, Bistle...and so it goes on...!

Have a lovely weekend

My Students' Best Days Ever...

It just happened to fall that we had two consecutive days of practitoner talks and workshops with the students week before last (Ofsted in last week but I won't go there) -
First my lucky students enjoyed a whole day with the very lovely Gemma Correll - who is local to Norwich. It was difficult to fit us into her busy schedule - she was in New York when I first emailed!

Gemma talked about her work and studying and using social media as a marketing tool. The students warmed to her youth and admired her drive. I think it was a bit difficult for some of them to understand that her success and seemingly simple style do not just 'happen' - and that Gemma actually works really hard and long hours.
After a short talk Gemma showed the group a diverse collection of 'zines' to introduce a 'zine' workshop. This turned out to be a great vehicle for them to ask her questions and for Gemma to help them out with information and advice.
they produced some good drawings and collage/photo work which once reduced and collated on the photocopier became great little booklet examples of their drawing, hand lettering and layout abilities.
Here's some of Gemma's work:

The tote bag below was one of Gemma's early personal pieces that she designed and got printed, telling herself that if she wanted a pug (which she really really did) she'd have to sell enough bags to pay for it first. 
A really good lesson in goal setting for the students...

Then, my colleague who teaches the photography unit to my students, had booked Anthony Zinonos to come to give a talk about his work followed by a photo collage illustration workshop. The students really warmed to Anthony too - his honesty about what's involved in illustration work was refreshing and really useful to the students.
Here's some of his work:

One of m

New Book - New Book...!

Oooh - I LOVE to get a new paper-based purchase - I am probably showing my age and my stuck in the muddness here - but - I really love a book - not a screen with some words and pics on - no - the paper, the smell of the new paper and the printing ink...mmmm!
When I was scanning my favourite art and design blogs recently, I saw that Lilla Rogers - an American agent for artists and designers, has written a book - entitled 'I Just Like To Make Things' - I HAD to check it out...

If I didn't have the flu right now - I'd have been spending some time on the fun and enlightening tasks dotted throughout the book, but I just can't concentrate at the moment - aches and pains and overwhelming tiredness..

It is good to read a bit about the route Lilla Rogers has taken to where she is now - I have often admired her website and am always impressed by the artists/designers she represents. This book evidences the very special relationship she clearly has with them all.
Also - she is an advocate of the 10,000 hours theory that I read about a few years ago in the Guardian - I know there are those who poo-poo it, but I think 'practise makes perfect'...