Full Circle

Thought I'd show some examples of art and design work that I enjoy - with the motif of the circle (simple and complex) as an underpinning force:

Your Paintings - Ben Nicholson paintings:
Ben Nicholson - Painted Relief - 1934

Lucas Grogan - Just Quietly Babe - 2011

Alexander Calder - Cercles - 1964

Agnes Martin - Untitled - 1960

Lisa Congdon - Sketchbook - 

Sonia Delaunay - Fashion Plate - 1924

There's something really wholesome, stable and reassuring about a circle. It goes off but comes back round again and as it closes up it is full - complete
It seems natural, being a shape we see in stones and the sun and moon. 
It's also easy to make - a stick in the sand and a 360' turn will draw an almost perfect circle.
Did you know that Giotto was asked by the pope to demonstrate his 'artistic genius' by drawing a perfect circle freehand in one stroke?
There is a Rembrandt self portrait that shows him in a somewhat defiant pose - hand on hip - in front of two circles on a wall. Could this be a reference to Giotto as he 'proves' he can paint?

Tuesday To Saturday

So, the exhibition - Portmanteau - is on until Saturday 19 November - but be aware please that Anteros, Norwich is closed on Mondays.
If you can't make it - here's a taste of what you'll miss..!