Eeek! I have been asked to produce two sets of Christmas cards - for THIS Christmas!! Looking at past cards to try to get into the mood.....

After a Symposium on '60s textiles

I made this watercolour as homage to one of the designs in a show at King's Lynn's Arts Centre

Last week I went to a symposium in King's Lynn for a day at the Arts Centre, organised by the Textile Society. It was about Shirley Craven - a textile designer and the Hull Traders - silkscreen printers, in the 1960s
Really fascinating and an amazing exhibition. I bought the catalogue - by excellent textile design history researcher and writer, Lesley Jackson who was there in discussion with Shirley Craven herself.

Recent Work

A few pics of what I did in my shed this week.
I only get to visit my shed after my baby Arthur is in bed - 7pm - three or four evenings a week
and Fridays for half a day and maybe another half day a week, so it's sketches and ideas for somewhere in the future, as time allows...


The Pattern Sourcebook

I've been looking at a few print and pattern books - this one has lovely pics - the author has chosen carefully which images lie on facing pages

sketchbook images

I love to doodle little flowers and leaves and stuff!

Some things I like - at home

I have been around the house - taking a few photos of the things that influence my artwork...