I've Been Playing Again...

Having made a few collage pieces with the rectangles on top of the 'bridge' shapes, I had a feeling that I should try a 3D version. So this weekend I got out the workbench, some off-cuts, a few little saws and some sandpaper...and here is the first try: 


I trimmed a small piece of perspex / acrylic sheet to employ as a 'spacer' between the two blocks. I think it will be really important to indicate that separation. 
Not sure if it works that well, as it looks white in some lights - but backlit it appears clear-ish.
and it may all change if I paint the wood - or do some of the line drawing on the surfaces...

Anyway, happy with this little thing I went in and made a couple more small collages - to give me thinking time, mainly...then went back out and made some more:

Next thing is to play around with whether and how to develop the surfaces - any ideas...?

It Was Busy...!

A few photos from the putting up and the Private View at The Tea Lounge in Norwich...

Unfortunately I forgot to take and forgot to ask anyone else to take photographs when everyone was there! Luckily the lovely Jon did take one of Helen and me at the start of the evening...more people did arrive later, but it does look a bit quiet from these images!

All went well and pieces are selling - so thank you to those who came along, good to see you.
Plently of time to pop in to the cafe as the exhibition continues until 17 October. 
As I may have said before - the home-made soups are dee-lish-us..