Like Lovely Stones

After a good sort out in the shed, there is a lot of paper waiting to be cut up and laid down in interesting compositions.
Here I couldn't resist chopping into some unsuccessful mono-prints from nearly ten years ago. They have become stone-like circles, reminding me of the ones I collected from holidays in South West Scotland and taking their cue from Bessier.
The yellow just had to be added.

She Must Be An Inspiration...

I found a few postcards from a visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum two years ago, whilst tidying out my shed, the other day. They are of some printed fabric designs of Lucienne Day - see my previous blog post. Henry and I went down to the exhibition in the June - just before it ended.
I've always really liked her strong shapes and confident colour use. Also, the rhythm she creates by leaving plenty of space in some of her designs:

close up of calyx - by Lucienne Day

flotilla - by Lucienne Day

untitled - by Jacquline Groag

mobiles - by Marian Mahler

linear flowers - by Marian Mahler

by Marian Mahler

Looking at these again - I MUST have unconsciously been thinking of these roundy-pointy shapes as I cut out my paper for collage...
Happy to be influenced by these though it has to be said!
Off to the Bishop's Garden in Norwich for a wander this weekend - hope the sun shines on you.

Is It Like This For You Too?

I found this a while ago and bookmarked it - so when I looked again - I thought this HAS to be shared...
True and WISE words....

A Big Thank You To Every Visitor

WoW - today I couldn't help noticing a satisfying number pattern.
This blog has had:
- 11111 page views
- 170 posts 
Well - eleven thousand one hundred and eleven is down to you lovely people and obviously, I have posted one hundred and seventy times here - team work!!

It makes me happy to know you are a small but loyal crowd, so a warm-hearted thank you for your continued constructive creative support.
I was thinking it would be good to celebrate when we get to 200 posts...
but how?

Maybe Matisse Will Help...

I've been trying to sort out my shed - and have a good clear out - but got a bit stuck - the horrid wet weather made it difficult to move paper goods about - and then the hot weather meant it was roasting in my shed and the garden demanded attention (can't have that new lawn ruined by being ignored). 
But these are merely excuses, the blunt truth is that I have not been making much over the last two weeks.
Anyway - here are just a few of just a few more that I have been doing...

Going to see the Matisse Cut-outs exhibition at the start of next month and can't wait to be inspired up to the brim