Must Get Some Gouache...

I just came across this little delight of an insight:

Mary Feddon - what a gentle woman - embuing a gentle strong elegance in her paintings that sit firmly in the British tradition, celebrating the greyish muted colours of our weathery skies.
Here, just for you, a nibble; a delicious selection of Mary Feddon gouaches showcasing her confident use of black and ability to employ a sense of play through repetition:

A Fine Nicholson-ish Day Out

What a lovely treat. 
I spent a relaxing yet stimulating day in the company of a sweet and inspiring lady - (thank you Helena) in Cambridge - to see the ART & LIFE exhibition.
Art and Life 1920-1931 celebrates the confluence of the Nicholsons; Winifred and Ben, with Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and William Staite Murray.
Interestingly curated by Winifred's grandson, the show explores comparisons between each artist's style and the influences they gave to and took from each other.
Such a pleasure to soak up the gorgeous chalky colours that Winifred Nicholson embraced. 
I love her paintings. 
There were several of her trademark flowering plants wrapped in tissue, on windowsills, before landscapes:

These sections are from two paintings in the show, executed a year or so apart. Helena pointed out the less fluid, clunkiness of the top one and how, twelve months later, Winifred Nicholson's developing confidence and ability is evident in a looser, more easy style - the painting appears less 'laboured' than the top one. Ever observant and erudite is Helena.

Love the way all the interest is at the top of the painting, balanced and supported simply by vertical shadows.

This painting was amazing - and the image does it no justice. There is a clear turquoise blue behind the lace of the curtain on the left that is bleached out here. The subtlety of the warm and cool greys and whites is flattened - that's why going to see these in the 'flesh' is essential for feeding the soul. 
It's on until May...

Socks Hanging up to Dry

Sometimes the simplicity of the mundane domestic scene can be inspiration...
After I'd hung up our clothes on the airer in the bathroom the other day, I thought what a bright colourful representation of our family - and took a couple of photos:

Then I did a few drawings in my sketchbook...