Fancy A Summer's Jaunt Into Suffolk?

I have put together my submission for the Inspired by Harry Becker exhibition at the end of July, in Wenhaston church, in Suffolk.
I visited the church years ago and took photos of the amazing wall paintings there. They are very Hieronymus Bosch, if memory serves me well. As you have probably guessed, I can't find the photographs - it must have been over twenty years ago! 
I just had a quick look online HERE and it is not actually a wall painting - but on wood. Worth a little look anyway.
Here's the flyer for the exhibition:

I was approached by artist Ruth McCabe to show at this year's exhibition. 
It is good to get my more representational work out there and I feel privileged to be giving it an airing at the IBBAS show.
Here are just a few examples of what I'll be framing up and showing there: