Talks, Demonstrations and Mini Workshops

As well as running several workshops in my studio and in Bungay, at the wonderful art shop and creative learning venue: The Art Trading Company, I have been visiting art groups and societies in both Suffolk and Norfolk.

It's good fun to meet like-minded people interested in art.
I suppose it is another way of using my skills as a maker and as a communicator. Let's face it, anyone who knows me, knows how I like to talk...!
The point is that I love to share my enthusiasm for my practice - the processes and materials involved.

I wondered recently whether members of an art group might gain better understanding of my practice by actually having a go at the way I make art.
Hence, I have offered two short talks with mini-workshops so far, which went down really well.

The mix of informative (and I hope a little bit inspiring) talk and then relaxed small-scale making was successful - and fun