Thanks Mel...!

Recently I spent some time with the lovely Mel - who I met when my littlest boy child started at a pre-school nearby. Mel makes deliciously tactile glass jewellery and decorative items which she sells at craft fairs and at parties she organises through friends and colleagues (like most of us, Mel has another career too!).
Well, Mel was saying how she thought it was time to update her invitation for the parties

She knew what she wanted, but was not sure how to go about the re-design.
You know me! - It wasn't long before I was offering to spend an evening in front of Photoshop with her to give her postcard a face-lift...

A few days later, after both our boys (who share the same name!) were tucked up in bed, Mel brought some photographs of recent makes and a little felt tip drawing of what she thought might make a new logo...
We had a productive time in my little shed and came up with this:

Mel chose a typeface with a hand drawn feel to showcase her crafting enterprise business name.
Also, Mel wanted to show a wider range of what she makes and we managed to incorporate her sweet toadstool logo design too. 

 We tidied up the back of the invite as well: 

I had so much fun and was really happy to help a fellow creative - so - imagine my delight when Mel came over the other day with a pressie - to say 'thank you'!

Mel had asked me what colours I like to wear. In the summer, I told her, I especially think pink and turquoise suit me - and look! - I LOVE them! - lucky me. A big thank you Mel x

Cold As A Cold Thing In Cold Street, On Cold Christmas Market Day

Yes, that is what it was like...
I wore a vest, three tops, a cardigan, two wool jackets, socks, tights, walking socks walking boots (and me jeans too), hat, scarf and my lovely finger-less mitts Jodi knitted....but I was absolutely frozz to the bone.
Mind you we were out there for eight hours or so.

Sold some angel kits

Sold some packs of tags

Sold some cute bunnie items

Sold some patchwork packs

Sold a little purse to a sweet young girl to put under her pillow with her tooth in, so the fairy won't miss it! 

Sold a little bunting

Sold a Rustic Wrap set

Sold some sticker packs

Sold a couple of brooches

Sold eight of the cute little pup and puss bags to a lovely lady who has eight children visiting for Christmas!

Coldness was compounded by tiredness as my lovely fella and I had gone to bed at the ridiculous time of three in the morning - getting everything be up again at 6am!
Was it all worth it?
well - YES! It was a grand day, a useful experience, good to see family and friends, good to sell some work and get very useful feedback and good to learn useful stuff.
Lastly - a BIG THANK YOU to said family and friends for all your help and support leading up to this - we couldn't have done it without you xx