I've just been planning workshops for next year.
Going to send off proposals to Bungay for workshops at The Art Trading Company - which run in the little studio space behind Sue's fantastic art shop.
SCVA has asked me to send in ideas for various workshops this autumn and winter - linking to the new exhibition Fiji - Art and Life in the Pacific so I'm working on those too.
Whilst at it, I thought I'd really like to extend the offer of workshops in my barn (well cart shed!) studio as well as at other venues.
So I have put together an information sheet, outlining subject areas for which I have the skills to facilitate and that I believe you, or people you know, will enjoy exploring.
Do have a little read below and let me know if there are any that interest you:
Thank you!

Join Artist and Tutor: Annie Brundrit for
~ C R E A T I V E   W O R K S H O P S ~
small groups: beginner or experienced artist, there’s something for you

Day Workshops – 10:15 to 15:45 (5.5 hours)
Refreshments and Homemade Light Lunch included

Beginner’s Drawing: learning to really see

Develop Observational Drawing Skills 

Hand Painting on Silk: make your own beautiful scarf

Beginner’s Graphics: designing logos, posters etc.

Use Photoshop or Elements with confidence (bring your laptop)

Develop Creative Textiles: fabrics, colour, stitch

Exploring Abstract painting: exploring composition

Discover Simple Print-making Techniques: mono, block and stencil printing

'How to' Shorter Workshops – 10:00 to 13:30 (3.5 hours)
Refreshments included

Surface Design: How to develop a repeat pattern by hand

Lovely Object: How to set up and paint a still life

Graphic Design: How to produce great posters and flyers

Table-top Lino-cut: How to print your own designs onto cards

Watercolour: How to paint confidently with colour 

Perspective 1: How to master one-point perspective

Perspective 2: How to master two-point perspective

What to make Art about: How to find inspiration and develop ideas

Interior Design: How to draw a scale plan and elevations of a room

Cushion: How to design and print onto a cushion cover (provided)

Photography: How to use your phone camera better (bring your phone)

Visual Journals: How to make dynamic sketchbook and journal pages

Once a Month Get-Togethers 
(in 4 session chunks, 6 people max.)
Useful ‘critique’ sessions 
I’ll help you plan the exciting development of your artwork. Bring along work you have been doing. At each meeting you receive (and can give) constructive feedback and take home lots of ideas.

One to One Tutoring 
(2 hour sessions, day or evening)
I’ll help you set up your own (free) website and teach you the know-how to update it yourself.
If you need some personal teaching, do talk to me about it. Any of the courses and workshops from the above lists can be covered 1-2-1.

Tailor-Made Learning
If there is something specific you want to learn, on your own or as a small group, please do ask. 
I’ll probably be able to help – or know someone who can.

Together Days
Also, do you have a group of friends who’d love a day out to make beautiful personalised keepsakes? Decorate bunting, cushion covers, tea towels and more.
For a lovely chilled ‘Hen-do’ activity, let me help you bring your ideas to reality. With a delicious lunch, a glass of bubbly (we’re on a bus route!) plus tea & homemade cake in vintage crockery, it’s a great way to celebrate a special anniversary or occasion. Contact me for more themes and details.

Mixed Media Landscapes Workshop in Bungay

Thanks to The Art Trading Company for hosting and to the lovely participants who joined me for my Mixed Media Landscapes workshop
We had a creative and productive day - I can't believe it was more than two weeks ago now.
It was one of the most enjoyable workshops I have had the pleasure to facilitate

Here are a few photos of the first half of the day, before my phone died and I realised I had forgotten to bring my charger..!

Many hands working hard, at play, here. Everyone remembered to bring their open minds, which enabled them to relax and enjoy exploring...!
I took several photos of the process that participants went through to 'grow' their artwork...(probably why the phone died)
Here are some of the early results coming up:

So, just waiting for emails to come in with more photos of the rest of the landscapes created - everyone said they'd send me some.....