Some Exciting News For You And A New Discovery For Me

I've just discovered the work of Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida
This is most exciting for me. I love love love to find new influences and inspiration - and then to set about investigating further - I want to know what and who Chillida's influences were.
Chillida's etchings and collages are, of course, the first port of call for me, working as I do in two dimensions.
However, I do look a lot at sculpture as well as ceramics and pottery too - and love the space, movement and force created in and around his sculptural pieces

Look at the white space! The edgy line, the give and take - it's like a cranky yin yang symbol!

There's a 'Map' or architectural model kind of feeling, with much of the drawing in his work. I wonder where's that from? What does it mean?

Beautiful. For some reason the one below makes me think of a Roman fort

Precious - Just found him today, on Pinterest

But he was also - or primarily - a sculptor:

I know very little about him - but look forward to researching a little and learning about his influences

I think this piece is called Peine del Viento - Combs of the Wind, or maybe Wind Combs

For me there is a definite link with the artist Neus Colet's work here - her balanced sculpture has that sense of solidity yet fragile vulnerability, which I also see in Chillada's work. 
Interestingly, Colet works with etching, which I think forges further association with Chillada. I might be wrong of course - it's just what I see. Perhaps Colet can put me right in July...
Because, you see, it just so happens that this summer I am taking part in an exhibition with Neus Colet.
Yes, Norwich and I will be privileged to welcome - not one - but TWO Catalan artists; Neus Colet and Rosa Permanyer
More about Colet and Permanyer; their work and our exciting exhibition soon...

Collage Contest Time...

 Grabbed some time to work on collages using the papers sent over from Canada, by the lovely Alesha Fowlie

Here are a couple of close-ups - and further down the post, a selection of the collages I've submitted to Sara at Brown Paper Bag:

Soon all the exchange collages may be on the websites, if you visit:

 and / or Papirmass

Check them out for yourself... 
You can also use #COLLAGECONTEST on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see the work submitted

Abstraction Ten Plus Years Ago...

Went for a meal to my brother and sister in law's recently.
Lovely food and good company, as ever -

I noticed the painting I made for their wedding:

First Research Visit To Cley...

What a beautiful day to visit the North Norfolk coast - it was more like early May than early Feb!
Met up with the other artists selected for this year's exhibition, in July, which was really good.
We met Meryl Doney the curator, others on the committee, including the effervescent Marion Catlin and signed up to invigilate over 2 days.
I recognised a few faces and made a couple of new acquaintances.
Lots of interesting ordinary yet marvellous photo-opportunities in the church.
Here are just a few for now:

Red spot - left over from Cley14..?

Then I went down to the beach to take a few more before my SD card filled up:

Another visit required soon..... Next time we have a fantastic weekend, I'm up there

A Package In The Post

Well - a lovely package arrived from Canada recently. When I opened it up, a delight of papers popped out - wrapped carefully by theme in little bags...

And Alesha kindly added a bundle if leaflets and information about Vancouver and BC, where she lives.
We have chatted by email - and I explained she lives near to my cousin and her family, who are in Burnaby - so Alesha sweetly included a leaflet about that area.
Maybe I can use elements form these in the collage we are both about to make as part of the collaboration.

Look - lovely stamps too - I sent a few old ones from my collection to Alesha...
She received the package I sent a couple of weeks ago - and has been playing around with the papers.


I've only made one piece so far - hoping for a bit of time one evening next week to play more....