Some Exciting News For You And A New Discovery For Me

I've just discovered the work of Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida
This is most exciting for me. I love love love to find new influences and inspiration - and then to set about investigating further - I want to know what and who Chillida's influences were.
Chillida's etchings and collages are, of course, the first port of call for me, working as I do in two dimensions.
However, I do look a lot at sculpture as well as ceramics and pottery too - and love the space, movement and force created in and around his sculptural pieces

Look at the white space! The edgy line, the give and take - it's like a cranky yin yang symbol!

There's a 'Map' or architectural model kind of feeling, with much of the drawing in his work. I wonder where's that from? What does it mean?

Beautiful. For some reason the one below makes me think of a Roman fort

Precious - Just found him today, on Pinterest

But he was also - or primarily - a sculptor:

I know very little about him - but look forward to researching a little and learning about his influences

I think this piece is called Peine del Viento - Combs of the Wind, or maybe Wind Combs

For me there is a definite link with the artist Neus Colet's work here - her balanced sculpture has that sense of solidity yet fragile vulnerability, which I also see in Chillada's work. 
Interestingly, Colet works with etching, which I think forges further association with Chillada. I might be wrong of course - it's just what I see. Perhaps Colet can put me right in July...
Because, you see, it just so happens that this summer I am taking part in an exhibition with Neus Colet.
Yes, Norwich and I will be privileged to welcome - not one - but TWO Catalan artists; Neus Colet and Rosa Permanyer
More about Colet and Permanyer; their work and our exciting exhibition soon...

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