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I use this small contribution to the blogety-blogosphere as a way of sharing irresistible photos of me as a baby, my work, reflections on exhibitions I visit, information about my workshops - and other things that inspire me generally.

Born many a blue-moon ago and raised in England 'twixt the rivers Dee and Mersey, I enjoyed a carefree childhood with my lovely giggly sister and brother, playing in the garden and out on our bikes. 

Realising I could draw and telling the school careers officer 'I just want to do art', I left home to go to art school, gaining a degree in Fine Art Painting, even though I mostly did drawing, textiles and ceramics, much to the annoyance of my tutors! I think that was the start of my inability to stick to any one thing for long... For instance, have a look at what I was doing back in 2011 and see how it compares with what I exhibited last year..

After graduating I set up my own business, working for several years as a freelance artist designer-maker, and as a tutor; running textiles workshops and drawing courses from my studio in Chester and teaching painting and drawing evening classes at my old school - in fact I taught my German teacher - which felt a bit odd!

I painted onto fabrics; creating cushions, pillows, drapes and hangings; working closely with interior designers. My work sold through craft fairs, small independent shops and galleries such as the Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales and the Workshop Gallery in Chepstow. I won a major commission to create five large scale drapes for the Beauchamp Tower at the Tower of London which was hard work, very exciting and a big learning curve.
That led on to further bespoke pieces for individual clients and eventually to a second major commission for four large artworks for the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London.

But that was all ages ago... Since then I gained a distinction in at PGCE and taught various subjects within art and design in colleges of further education and visiting lecturer on a BA fine art programme. 
Teaching part time affords me time for being creative and running workshops - which I love to do.! 
A few years ago I went back to art school to study an MA
Now, I'd say my work is fuelled as much by design as it is by art.

I recently started life drawing again, after a break of twenty years. The rigour of concentration and sustained looking so you are really seeing is exciting and inspiring, along with my other drawing and photography.
My print and collage work seems more abstract with a considered uncluttered composition
After seeing my website, a fellow artist kindly said recently:
"I love the way your work is going - you seem to have found a very clear voice."

Maybe things are becoming clearer for me as I get older.
The new work certainly continues to provide a fresh focus for me. I work intuitively in response to what I allow the materials to dictate - it is all about letting go of control (some people would tell you I'm not very good at that).

Everlasting influences come from my family history, the wonder of childhood and a love of old things; especially the stories they tell. I also draw inspiration from typography, composition, interiors and the people around me. I run workshops from the studio at home and in other venues

To contact me you could leave a message here, or visit the contact page on my website.

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