She Must Be An Inspiration...

I found a few postcards from a visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum two years ago, whilst tidying out my shed, the other day. They are of some printed fabric designs of Lucienne Day - see my previous blog post. Henry and I went down to the exhibition in the June - just before it ended.
I've always really liked her strong shapes and confident colour use. Also, the rhythm she creates by leaving plenty of space in some of her designs:

close up of calyx - by Lucienne Day

flotilla - by Lucienne Day

untitled - by Jacquline Groag

mobiles - by Marian Mahler

linear flowers - by Marian Mahler

by Marian Mahler

Looking at these again - I MUST have unconsciously been thinking of these roundy-pointy shapes as I cut out my paper for collage...
Happy to be influenced by these though it has to be said!
Off to the Bishop's Garden in Norwich for a wander this weekend - hope the sun shines on you.

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Marie said...

Especially love the greeny purpley one... you have a lovely wknd too m'dear!! :)