I've Been Playing Again...

Having made a few collage pieces with the rectangles on top of the 'bridge' shapes, I had a feeling that I should try a 3D version. So this weekend I got out the workbench, some off-cuts, a few little saws and some sandpaper...and here is the first try: 


I trimmed a small piece of perspex / acrylic sheet to employ as a 'spacer' between the two blocks. I think it will be really important to indicate that separation. 
Not sure if it works that well, as it looks white in some lights - but backlit it appears clear-ish.
and it may all change if I paint the wood - or do some of the line drawing on the surfaces...

Anyway, happy with this little thing I went in and made a couple more small collages - to give me thinking time, mainly...then went back out and made some more:

Next thing is to play around with whether and how to develop the surfaces - any ideas...?

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