New Book - New Book...!

Oooh - I LOVE to get a new paper-based purchase - I am probably showing my age and my stuck in the muddness here - but - I really love a book - not a screen with some words and pics on - no - the paper, the smell of the new paper and the printing ink...mmmm!
When I was scanning my favourite art and design blogs recently, I saw that Lilla Rogers - an American agent for artists and designers, has written a book - entitled 'I Just Like To Make Things' - I HAD to check it out...

If I didn't have the flu right now - I'd have been spending some time on the fun and enlightening tasks dotted throughout the book, but I just can't concentrate at the moment - aches and pains and overwhelming tiredness..

It is good to read a bit about the route Lilla Rogers has taken to where she is now - I have often admired her website and am always impressed by the artists/designers she represents. This book evidences the very special relationship she clearly has with them all.
Also - she is an advocate of the 10,000 hours theory that I read about a few years ago in the Guardian - I know there are those who poo-poo it, but I think 'practise makes perfect'...

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