My Students' Best Days Ever...

It just happened to fall that we had two consecutive days of practitoner talks and workshops with the students week before last (Ofsted in last week but I won't go there) -
First my lucky students enjoyed a whole day with the very lovely Gemma Correll - who is local to Norwich. It was difficult to fit us into her busy schedule - she was in New York when I first emailed!

Gemma talked about her work and studying and using social media as a marketing tool. The students warmed to her youth and admired her drive. I think it was a bit difficult for some of them to understand that her success and seemingly simple style do not just 'happen' - and that Gemma actually works really hard and long hours.
After a short talk Gemma showed the group a diverse collection of 'zines' to introduce a 'zine' workshop. This turned out to be a great vehicle for them to ask her questions and for Gemma to help them out with information and advice.
they produced some good drawings and collage/photo work which once reduced and collated on the photocopier became great little booklet examples of their drawing, hand lettering and layout abilities.
Here's some of Gemma's work:

The tote bag below was one of Gemma's early personal pieces that she designed and got printed, telling herself that if she wanted a pug (which she really really did) she'd have to sell enough bags to pay for it first. 
A really good lesson in goal setting for the students...

Then, my colleague who teaches the photography unit to my students, had booked Anthony Zinonos to come to give a talk about his work followed by a photo collage illustration workshop. The students really warmed to Anthony too - his honesty about what's involved in illustration work was refreshing and really useful to the students.
Here's some of his work:

One of m

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