Bunnies, Flowers, Pastels - It must Be....

Easter has begun in our house - despite it being freezing and trying to snow outside.
Littlest boy of mine and I doodled some Easter and springtime sketches on a piece of A4 which I then photocopied onto pretty pastel paper. We practised our cutting technique and have spent some time gluing the strips into fun paper chains to adorn the dining room. 

The gorgeous flowers are a sweet gift from my lovely colleague who will be back at work proper after the break - I am SO pleased to have her back!

She also gave us this joyous Easter fun-time cake stand! Oh, hello little bunnies! We are just going to make cakes to pop on top - for a little while - then we'll eat them ALL!!  

Small boy has just given these bunnies names - below is Ruby, then Nubey, Truby, Bigby, Whistle, Bistle...and so it goes on...!

Have a lovely weekend

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