More Good News....

Not only did I hear that I have been selected for the CLEY15 exhibition in North Norfolk this summer - but my proposal to teach a workshop during the said exhibition has been accepted too!

I am one happy girl, oh yes I am

Over on my new 'workshops 2015' page you will see - if you care to scroll down to the bottom - the short blurb I wrote for any leaflet/press etc. which should give an outline of what the workshop will entail.
There is also information on my WEBSITE about it, if you fancy a visit

I'm really looking forward to teaching up there, on the North Norfolk coast - the setting for the exhibition encompasses the landscape in the village and along the walk down to the shore, so lots to inspire...

I expect all on the committee are very busy collating, planning, communicating and other committee-type things that the dedicated volunteers do to enable such a fantastic exhibition each year. Hence - probably - there not being much information on the CLEY15 website just at the moment.

What there is though, if you are keen to learn a bit more about how the NNEP was set up and runs, is an interesting page HERE

You'll also find out what NNEP stands for

Here are some pictures - as I'm a visual person and it's only been writing so far:

Cley Church
John Sell Cotman
Ah - Summer,
I miss you

medieval graffiti,
in the church

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