A Day Off Campus

Had a lovely day out of college with the students, to research for their next project.
We got a teeny coach to Cambridge - just enough for 31 of us - for a trawl around several museums.
The impressive Fitzwilliam was our drop-off and pick up point. There was also the Scott Polar museum to see, the Whipple, the Sedgwick, The Archaeology & Anthropology and finally on the list was my fave - Kettles Yard.
~ dear old friend Kettles Yard ~
I'm SO glad some of the students made the longer walk up to the top of town as I think the place made a big impression.
The house worked its magic - initially the students seemed somewhat ambivalent and nonplussed - but gradually, as the spaces opened up and they realised the way shapes, forms, light and colours were connected consciously to fuse / art / interior / museum / object / home / gallery /  they began to be smitten...
It was a joy to see!
I took some photos:

Photographs become easy to find and take when the space is so well composed
*Heads up*
I was told today that both the house and the gallery are closing in March this year - for TWO years - as they're building a new education wing - so visit before then

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