Valentines Inspirations?

I've been looking for some inspiration for drawings that will - hopefully - lead to some ideas for designs and images. 
I find that I either look outward; to museums or architecture or landscape maybe... or inward (sort of) to my own family history. 
We're the sort of family that doesn't get rid of stuff - so I have my Granny's sewing box and my great great grandmother's sampler - that she stitched when she was eight years old.
And I have a little box of Victorian and early 20c Valentine and other greetings cards.
And - I was thinking "it's the 14 Feb quite soooooon"
I just laid some of them down on the scanner earlier and these are the images:

I always thought they were really beautiful apparently - but unfortunately, I have been informed - as a little girl - I got hold of them once and assumed they would open up like the greetings cards I was familiar with and kind of pulled most of them apart - eeeeek!

Maybe they'll inspire me to do something sweet and a little old fashioned for the love of my life - how about that!

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