Got something worth Noting?

They're here!

Lovely little A6 notebooks - for when you're at the house at Kettles Yard and just need to draw....
And you'll say I need something to note stuff down, wish I's one of Annie's little notebooks, thank goodness I had this - it's PERFECT!

Or - when you see a new magazine - like oh comely or Anorak on the shelf and you can't get it today, but want to remember it so you can check it out online when you get home - there's that lovely notebook in your bag that Annie made - that's PERFECT!

Or - maybe your sister's birthday is soon and you don't live that near to her, but something sweet, unique, simple and useful that can be popped into the post would be an ideal pressie - here's a neat notebook that does the trick - PERFECT!

And I just put two sister-designs in to the printers for bigger A5 notebooks, so look out...
Enjoy the rest of the week -

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