At Risk of Being Sexist.....

How exciting - lots going on:

My lovely and long-time friend Paula has her drawing for the concept of a Chelsea Flower Show garden on the RHS website!!  It looks wonderful - striking and by far the strongest of all those represented on the site, it carries the design of the garden through its drawing style. Congratulations to both Freddie and Paula.

Another lovely 'short-time' friend Corrin Tulk has her paintings in a number of shows around Norfolk over the next few months - Wymondham - in April, Norfolk Open Studios from the end of May to early June - at her pretty home in Upton and Norwich Playhouse Theatre for the whole of July - to name a few. See more of her art and all the details for the shows at Corrin's website

A former colleague Chris Hann and Hannah Hann along with others have their annual show at Burnham Overy Staithe in early April. 
I recently saw their exhibition at the Assembly House in Norwich. Both painters' work references similar influences but they depict those in such different and individual ways. I love how they compliment each other perfectly!

At risk of being sexist and over simplifying things - I think Chris's paintings tell they are made by a man whereas Hannah's work is utterly feminine.

Their imagery, colours and drawing style seem borne of the Cornish mid twentieth century artist; a hint of the Winifred Nicholson and Mary Potter in Hannah's art and in Chris's work a nod to Patrick Heron and Ben Nicholson - lovely yum yum

A couple of weeks ago Corrin asked me to a talk by the writer Ian Collins; focussing on his recent book with David Attenborough exploring the work of John Craxton.  It was really inspiring - his later work a riot of colour and intense marks - like mosaics.
David Attenborough is a collector of Craxton's work. 

It was difficult to know which image to use here as an example of Craxton's work - it changed so much over the years... Actually, I think David Hockney's recent paintings have a feel of some of Craxton's - this one of a woodland floor to the painting for sale at Sotherby's

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