Reading Matter - and...Oooooh - New Phone..?

My new mobile phone has just arrived - and it has a camera! The first time I've ever had such a modern article! - As yet, I have not worked out how to save or upload photos, so not here yet! I'll be able to access some websites from my phone - I think - I have to get my big son to go through it all with me and show his old Ma how it all works!
But most of all - I can't wait to take photos of things that inspire me when out and about, then upload here and share them!

On another note - I have ordered some really interesting books from the library recently. They are all really inspiring - showing lots of contemporary designs and full of tips for thinking in terms of repeat and colour separation as well as extending the combining of traditional drawing with working digitally:

Digital Fashion Print - with Photoshop and Illustrator, by Kevin Tallon

Fashion print Design - from idea to final print, by Angel Fernandez

The Fundamentals of Printed Textiles Design, by Alex Russell
Some industry insights from Russell's book in particular, that I hadn't known previously, will have an effect on how I design work and what I put together for a portfolio. 

And the complete guide to Designing and Printing Fabric, by Laurie Wisbrun
Wilson's book is very pretty - beautifully laid out and it makes me want to set up a screen printing studio in our barn..tomorrow! Throughout the book interviews with designers and makers are scattered, which allow for possibilities of further investigation through extending research and knowledge of other designers and their work.
Particularly; the work of Josephine Kimberling exudes her passion for colour and layering up of pretty floral motifs:
Also Malka Dubrawsky's hand printed and painted bright jolly fabrics have a simplicity that allows  colour to carry the design:
Nancy Mims designs fabrics and on her website this is how the work is described: 
"Designer Nancy Mims is a leader in the healthy home textiles world. Refusing to sacrifice beauty for sustainability, Nancy founded Mod Green Pod, the first home textile company to merge innovative, colorful design with organic cotton and chemical-free production. Mod Green Pod proved that gorgeous upholstery and wallpaper don’t have to be soaked in harmful chemicals and healthy fabrics don’t have to look like burlap. Mod Green Pod proved that design can be sexy AND sustainable."

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