Creative Freelancing Ideas - Oh and Flowers Too..!

I'm kind of floating my way through the days at the moment.
This week I should hear whether or not I still have a job, which is a repeat of this time last year.
It is such an odd state to be in - you have no control over decisions about a massive and important part of your life - especially difficult if you are a control freak, like me!
I now feel for anyone else who has ever been made redundant, or who is in the position of going through a selection process for redundancy.
Trying to think of all the possible future scenarios is a way I can attempt to take back some ownership.

I have been looking at working for myself - but as I am no spring chick there is very little funding I can access to help me set up.
Plenty of great sites offer advice so I read them avidly. One thing to know stuff in theory - another to do it practically...
Anyway here are a couple of sites I've had a look at recently:
Enterprise Nation
Creative Choices
Red Lemon Club
Freelance UK
Creative Freelancer
On a brighter note! - here are some close-up pics of plants from the garden:

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