There Are Other Brundrits Out There....

A cousin of my Dad's was an artist who made his living mostly from painting commissioned portraits, I think from 1920s to the late 1950s, although he loved to paint landscapes.
Since the BBC website started Your Paintings, there is a lot more to see of Reginald Grange Brundrit's work on the Internet... I looked a few years back and couldn't see much at all. 
Although he was my Dad's cousin, he was much older than my Dad; older even than my Grandpa. 
The Tate's biography for him states: "Landscape and figure painter. Born 13 May 1883 at Liverpool. Studied at Bradford School of Art, the Slade School and under John M Swan. Exhibited at the R.A. from 1922; ARA 1931, RA 1938. Died 27 November 1960 at his home, Masham, Yorkshire". Apparently he could be quite grumpy!
He was married to Lena Worthington who was a good painter too, but stayed in his shadow and ended up painting onto china. That sounds a bit naff - but she was actually an accomplished draughtswoman and the tea sets, plates and bowls she embellished were beautiful. I'm lucky enough to have some of her work and one or two paintings of Reggie's.

Photograph of Reginald Grange Brundrit by Walter Stoneman

Reginald Brundrit, ‘Fresh Air Stubbs’ circa 1938
This painting is in the Tate's collection and dates from 1938

I once read in a book that he was not really a very good painter and could not compete with his friend and fellow painter Samuel John Lamorna Birch. Their work is very similar - and I suppose like all artists' work- 'of its time'. Lamorna Birch was more prolific and more popular - considered one of the Newlyn School of painters but I think Reggie can give him a run for his money... compare above (R.B) and below (LB)

More Lamorna Birch paintings here

This painting of Reggie's of trees is looser - a painted sketch - the details on the BBC website don't say how big it is. 
Next time I see my Dad, I shall ask him about his memories of Reginald Brundrit and explore him further.

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