Big Shed Erection...

Well, small shed - big erection!
Phew, this week we made time to do some desperately needed major work in the garden and put up my shed...!
Yay - at last!
We had to put up a new fence - ten feet or so forward of the old one to make space for it... and be careful of a lovely clematis that was already in the garden, but - it is up and the roof is on.

Now all that's left to do before I move the stuff back in is replace the insulation and pin on the board that makes the inner walls...

There was just one little rotten bit near the door which we have removed and will replace over the next few days - you won't even notice it once I've given it a lick of paint!

I can't wait to get on with some artwork in there!
It has been nearly a year without a space to be creative - I have been mourning the loss I think!
And, the irony is it has been SOOO hot that we have really struggled! - After complaining about the rain!
A bonus - there is was a large area of hard standing all up one side of the garden - which makes the space feel much smaller. We want to increase the lawn whilst our youngest is still small.
We hired a skip and a hydraulic breaker - oh boy! That was heavy and HOT work... but underneath three to five inches of concrete we found a sweet area of old laid brick paving. This will be our seating area and we'll lawn up to there! Bargain!

Here's Mr Blue Plastic Tarp in the corner; taking a nap now we've exposed those bricks... Enjoy the Sun!

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