Next Step ~ Out Into The World...?

I visited the NUCA degree shows a couple of weeks ago.
Here are a few of my personal favourites from the Illustration, Graphic Design and Textiles shows.
Firstly BA Illustration and Gary Hunt:

Interesting mixes of imagery, contrasting flatness and depth of colour

Aristi Fournari:

Nice broken surfaces of what looks like mono print and/or screen print and collage...?

Harking back to the lino prints and colour sense of the 50s and 60s - Sophie Douglas:

Georgina Pape:

Lovely flat gouache paintings with an element of repeat through print

Some ex-students of mine graduating this year...
Shane Andrews:

Clean accurate well chosen text and nice layout

 Lauren Bulley:
Lauren has a knack of simplifying information and had a skill with photography when on my course
Lizzie Tuck:

 I like the fun play on tools and equipment to create flowers for a re-design of the Chelsea Flower Show logo; rendered skilful by assured placement

Adam Little:
Adam's work is mature and sophisticated, maybe he will be freelance - he has a good website

Katie Melton:
 Full of fun and colour, Katie's work is happy and accessible

From BA Surface Pattern and BA Textiles, starting with cut outs from Yijing Gao:

Stephen Goudie:

I taught Stephen when he was doing his First Diploma in 2006! It's really great to see how he has progressed from then, through the Textiles National Diploma and on to NUCA to create a bold graduation show.

Stephanie Rowland:

Lovely drawing sits well with a good sense of pattern and sensitivity to colour

Rebecca Soar:

Vicki Sturgeon:

From stencil cut outs that provide a refined delicate line to digital responses, Vicki can pull an accomplished variety of pattern repeats from simple classic subject matter, creating something new yet seemingly familiar.


nigel bacon said...

Hi Annie
Wow there are some very talented and accomplished young people amongst this group, /very encouraging///////

Annie said...

I know! - The degree shows are always an inspiration!