Shopping Spree!

With a short gap between the last craft market and our next two, in July, I took the opportunity for a break from designing and making to spend a bit of time and money in a few of my favourite shopping haunts. These all happen to be local charity shops!!
I selected some badly needed replacement jeans for a couple of pairs that are about to go and a couple of pretty thin cotton tops, encouraged by the arrival of the sun to - what I call - Sunny Norfolk.
I'm a sucker for a proper old fashioned linen tea-towel - becoming more difficult to find as cotton ones are everywhere. So I couldn't resist these two - for 50p each!
The first is mister rabbit arriving belly-first by the looks of it, smartly turned out in a very fetching seventies yellow and orange-ness.

The other one is trying to be much more grown-up. I love the understated green striped background and it doesn't really show up so well in the photos but three of the petals on each little border flower is BRIGHT orange - almost day-glo!:

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