How The Simple Things Around You Can Inspire Creativity

Having made the birdie on a watering can print block - putting new cutting tools to good use has been easy. Sitting early in the morning in my shed with the door open (it gets impossible after 2pm when the sun moves round the house in this heat) it's pretty easy to make some quick drawings of the flowering herbs - and weeds - let's be honest!

The sage made a lovely simple roundy shape that translated well to print.
I have ordered a few 100% linen tea-towels (being a sucker for linen - have you seen my Pinterest board entitled WEAR?!)
So last week some fun table-top printing was happening - with recently purchased stamp pad colours suitable for use on fabric... Having researched I found some great advice over at craft test dummies

They were a bit brighter when I had first printed them - but faded slightly with washing...although I may well have not ironed the tea-towel for long enough to fully fix the inks...being a hater of ironing, indeed, a non-doer of any ironing at all! I'm allergic to it, you see
Quite like the stamped lettering - quirky random
Anyway - shall keep practising - there are more tea-towels to work pop back as I'll let you know how it's going
Have fun in the sun - but take care and drink plenty of water!


AnneLouise said...

Very good Annie - I like a nice tea towel, Annie S x

Annie said...

Bless you Annie - thanks!