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Oooh - sorry to have been so elusive - the start of term is BUSY BUSY BUSY - and I have been so very very very tired at the end of each day - energy for anything other than children, teaching and the odd 'Fitsteps' class has all but disappeared... 
Therefore - I'd like to share some fun stuff we've been doing with the students.
This week our forty-four open minds and creative souls spent the day working very hard to make one hundred drawings in just one day - I love that!  Lots of styles, techniques and materials - plenty of approaches to making a drawing were explored...
Here's the Maths:
4 people, 
+10 groups,
+11 zones, 
+10 drawings in each zone; 
+10 zones visited by each group
= 100 drawings

Themes were: 
'Let's Get This Job Done - DIY'
'Stationery Still Life'
'Woodland Wonder'
'Letterform Chalk Drawings'
'Car Park'
'Hey, Good Looking, What You Got Cooking?'
'Following In Your Footsteps'
'Urban Recovery'
'Ten Green Beans Hanging On The Wall':

Last week our students became human photocopiers - as they enlarged and replicated gorgeous 'mid-century modern' book cover designs from all over the world. They had to work together to mix up batches of paint and attempt to match up their personal quarter enlargements - to create the whole. They were given A6 images and had to paint on A1 - finished articles are double A0...MASSIVE! Here are some of them - and the originals. They make an amazing impact on the walls of our little old Hub:

There are more but maybe they're for another post....

Lastly, something different...
I was checking emails tonight and one from Etsy flew in with a link to an article about this seller and her ethos. There was this little video of her made a few years ago.
I found it quite inspiring and want to share it:

I rarely feel in control of my life so it feels like a place - a life - a million miles from mine - a dream..

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