Feeling a Bit Frayed?

Managed to catch a really good exhibition at the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth just before it ended last weekend.
'Frayed' showcased the healing power of stitching and textiles.
I had seen previously (at a small show in the Costume and Textile museum in Norwich - years ago) the amazing embroidered rant that is Lorina Bulwer's long 'sampler'. Stitched whilst in the Workhouse (wrongly - as she thought - in the 'Lunatic' section), it stands as a testament to her need to get all her worries off her chest and possibly to the physical relief of having busy hands:



You can see just how long it is - and recently more of it has been discovered..
There were contemporary interpretations of some of the pieces, which complimented them and served to illustrate how timeless the hands-on act of sewing (or any other creative medium, I'd argue) and the 'well-being' gained, proves to be.

This image shows a small area of a most extensive bed cover and drapes of cotton chintz patchwork and applique, produced by a mother who had ten children, plus more she had lost, bless her - before her beloved first born boy died at 14 years old. For three or four years (if I remember rightly) she stitched and sewed, with gifts of fabric from friends, neighbours and family, to create this. It's intensity seems to have got her through her grief.

On a far less intense note - I can highly recommend the little cafe at Time and Tide - we enjoyed a lovely lunch and good coffee too!

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