Inspiration Comes Of Working - And Of Walking..

Recently I have discovered a lovely local walk where I very rarely meet anyone at all - and enjoy only the company of wild tiny things and the dog. The walk takes me from my home, through a housing estate and away, out into a lane, past a church to a footpath that leads me along a field's edge. At the bottom of the field is an oasis of wildlife:

Butterflies and bees and noisy birdies are everywhere. After crossing another lane, the walk takes me through the cool long path at the end of a wood, with darling Cranes-bill lighting it up: 

When out into the light again, it's a short rise past another wee church and out onto a different lane, past a pocket of sweet cottages with gardens full of blousey roses before a long straight road back to my village, and home. A precious hour that sets me up for the day:

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