Sunday Morning = Mum, Sunday Afternoon = Artist

After the party in celebration of small son turning five, I headed to the shed for the afternoon and started painting my own paper swatches for using in collages - after having cut up the mono-print to use the inked, marked surface, rather than simply found papers - and also after having seen the Matisse Cut-outs (another post for another day).
Laying down ideas:

Grouping the coloured swatches - I liked the honest simplicity of the much less composed layout. Less self-conscious:

Made a few close-up photos to clip those shapes - changes the relationship of the colours:

And this one started out as the page for painting the cut out card pieces onto - to catch the overflow. I liked the 'edges' and added the little squares of colour (Bissier-style) and filled in some of the shapes/spaces created:


Marie said...

I love your new banner graphics Annie Brundrit! I saw the Matisse show a few weeks back, and going again this weekend. How big is your shed?!! Lotta love, Marie

Annie said...

Hi Marie - loved the Matisse - and realise that I haven't commented on it here since I went! - right I'll do it!!
My shed is 10ft x 7ft - it is a garden shed, to all intents and purposes!! - but the day.... You'll see it for yourself soon, my dear! xx