The Romanov Wall...?

Now that the Creative Arts department has moved to a new building - the demolition of the old Art Corridor is well underway.
Fascinating views remain of the shored-up chimney, the doors into the outside - that used to be the studios - and the traces of what was once there - the roof, walls, floors and where cabling and boxes used to be.
I had to take some photos of these abstract structural compositions; punctured by brightly-coloured doors and framed by the fencing around the site. 
They have given me lots of ideas for collages:

Look - at this image - the RSJ erupting from the top left - and the glorious rectangular vestige of something that was attached to the wall before it was painted white... Then what are the black smudges, spattered about the middle and top right? There's a sort of potential for violence about them. An intriguing prospect - making me want to call it The Romanov Wall:

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