How Your Work-space Can Influence You

"Sir is an online magazine that notices exquisite talents today who will be in your fancy magazines tomorrow" - is how the Belgian website Sir Magazine describes itself.
They showcase the work-space of an artist/illustrator each week.
What works so well is that they get the artist to illustrate their own work-space, so we learn not only a little about how they inhabit it but we get an insight into their illustrative style too. We are also told their age (so young!) and where they live as part of a short description.
Usually they have recently graduated - so Sir offers a lovely way for illustrative artists to put their work out there...

Christine Roussey
Christine Roussey

have been thinking recently: my little shed itself, the things I choose to fill it with - and how I order all of them is a key start-point for a lot of my work....

....hence having a look at these work-spaces:

Wietse Palmans

Artiom Brancel
Atiom Brancel

One of my favourite descriptions of a work-space is that of Larissa Seilern - who says "MY workspace is a bubble in which I am the Almighty Queen"

Larissa Seilern
Larissa Seilern
Too right - it doesn't matter how tiny your bubble is - as long as it's yours...

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