Started Framing For The Show...

 Phew - it's all go from now until late November - as I'm counting down to me little exhibition in the Barn...
Spending time painting frames and cleaning glass.

When I was unwell, I used the sofa-time to construct one or two very small scale collages - with a few of my lovely old stamps. With dear old envelopes, they've made some fun little cards - on the left. The ones on the right are printed and taken from my larger collages:


When I was printing the little labels, for the backs of the cards, I REALLY wanted to resist putting 'vintage' (such an over-used phrase...) but succumbed in the end because 'pre-loved' sounded really American (no dis-respect to lovely people from the US - it's just that I'm not American).
Also, it gives the impression that the envelope may have been used before - written on or sealed and then opened.
Using 'old' made me think that the flaps would be stuck down, as they sometimes can be if they've been stored in a damp place..
These gorgeous envelopes are NOT stuck down and have NOT been used before, they are just old - but that still seemed the wrong word. 
Maybe I have been a bit harsh in the past about the word 'vintage' does say 'old but loved and in good nick' - like a vintage car, I suppose...

I'm quite into me snippets of gold leaf on some of my work at the moment - so a little fragment on each of my other cards gives it an individual touch:

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