International Collaborative Collage Swap

I'm as excited as when I got a German pen-pal through school, or the time I found a message in a bottle on Lowestoft beach from a child in The Netherlands!
Why? I hear you cry -
Well, I sent off my details to register my interest in the Papirmass and Brown Paper Bag COLLAGE SCRAP EXCHANGE
See more information about this on the Papirmass website HERE

The Collage Scrap Exchange will be back!
Visit Sara Barnes' blog: Brown Paper Bag

Today I have been given the name of my exchange partner!!
I just waved bye-bye to an email introducing myself to her - and asking "Where in the world are you?"

Over the last couple of weeks, since I heard that I would be part of this, I have been collecting collage material that is specific to Norwich - thought it would be interesting for my partner, as the theme is 'New Landscapes'.
I can't wait to add these to the other collage scraps I have for her - gold leaf bits, hand painted papers and printed material:

Equally - I'm on tender hooks to see what will drop on my door mat from my exchange partner
Once we receive each other's scraps, we are to create a new collage piece, incorporating some of the scraps we get in the post.
Then we email the images.. We might even get into an issue of Papirmass...fingers crossed
Nearly a THOUSAND people from around the world are taking part.
I am looking forward to being part of a big International Creative Collaboration
Oooh I hope my partner gets back to me soon! Can't wait to get making...

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