Breaking The Mould

Next month I'm happy to have been asked to be part of a group show at Stew Gallery, in Norwich.

Entitled Breaking the Mould, there will be an eclectic mix of work from a group of artists, working in both 2D and in three dimensions.

The exhibition runs:
 Saturday 4 April to Friday 10 April

Preview: 6-8pm on the Saturday

There will be twelve of us showing - it's a good big space, so plenty of room.
Here are a few images I found, representative of the work of some of the artists:

Amanda Addison

Jamie Andrews

John Clark
Gary S Holt

Hannalore Smith

Marion Stuart

Scott Stuart

Rebecca Tough

The images here may well not be representative of the work that each artist puts in this exhibition, as it's just what I could find on-line......
Apologies to those not represented - it means I couldn't find an image (or it was too small)

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