Fitting Tribute To Harry Becker

I continue to be moved by the will, enthusiasm and motivation of communities of people to commit to organising complex and exciting exhibitions, which bring together artists and appreciators. 
The Inspired by Becker exhibition in Wenhaston Church is a full weekend affair - with plenty of other activities going on. There is a cafe in the sweet little Church Room, not only selling teas - but breakfasts, morning coffees and lunches too... Sketching, walks on the common, talks by the Bat man and more...go HERE for further information and HERE for a list of artists
Thanks to combined efforts and the interaction of the wider community, this is not only a tribute to the artist Harry Becker but also a celebration of the village, traditional art and craft, rural life and farming before mechanisation:

When invigilating on Friday, I was lucky to meet Emma, who has three little sketches in the exhibition. 
Also I met the lovely Ruth at last. 
She organises the show, so we have been in touch by email a good deal, but it was great to meet Ruth after all this time! 
It was fun and a pleasure to meet Jillifar, Will, Thomas and Arabella too....

 Two original Becker drawings on loan for the exhibiton:

You can just see the amazing medieval painting on the wooden boards on the wall:

 Wonderful Gothic Medieval text at the base of the Doom painting:

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