New Work For The Tea Lounge Exhibition.....

Seemingly, a departure from the non-representational is occurring!
From where does this hail? I am asking myself
The only explanation that pops into my head is that my next exhibition is in a cafe - and cafes are full of cups, bowls and mugs - ??!!

Also, it was happening in the tiny little drawings I make that sometimes find their way into collages....see bottom left, here:

Well, whatever the reason - they'll all be there at my solo exhibition:
The Tea Lounge, Ber Street, Norwich
7 September to 17 October
and please do come along to the
Private View
Tuesday 8 September
6.30pm to 8.30pm


Marie said...

Annie, I just love your work! Enjoy your show, and the private view. xo

Annie said...

Thanks Marie - it was a good night - with four pieces sold and positive feedback so far! Hope your foot is on the mend xx