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it's about time i got back to the blog
i shall use this space to mostly share the artists, designers and illustrators work from which i get much enjoyment and learn 
so today is as good a time as any to get going

elise gravel

on her sweet about page, elise gravel says:

"I was born in Montreal in 1977 and started to draw not long after my birth. In kindergarten I was popular because I could draw princesses with long, spiral curls. Then in high school, girls asked me to draw their dream guys in their agendas. I became very talented at drawing muscles and chest hair, which came in handy later on when I illustrated my book Le Grand Antonio. On the other hand, I’m still pretty bad at knowing how to use an agenda properly.

Later on, I studied graphic design at CEGEP*, during which I figured out that I wanted to do illustration. After my first book, Catalogue des Gaspilleurs, I wrote and illustrated more than 30 others. One of my booksLa clé à molette, won the Governor General’s Literary Award in the illustration category, and since then I’ve become really bigheaded and brag all the time. &nbsp

I live in Montreal with my two daughters, my husband, my cats, and a few spiders. I’m currently working on diverse projects for publication in Quebec, English-speaking Canada, and in the United States. My books have been translated into a dozen languages. I’m hoping to live a long life so that I can make many, many more books, because I still have many, many more ideas."

Her work is charming and fun with a love for the often misrepresented and seemingly ugly creatures so beloved of and intriguing for little humans...

copyright elise gravel
copyright elise gravel

it seems though that quite a few of these feisty little characters of elise gravel's actually represent her readers - they just look like the emotional hot beds that are small children - in their full spectrum of types and beings...

copyright elise gravel

copyright elise gravel

gravel is prolific and obviously just can't stop doing what she loves best
interesting colour palette - not the predictable primaries and quite often a restricted set, giving her illustrations a distinctive voice
copyright elise gravel

i follow her on instagram and get much joy from seeing things like ballerina monsters pop up!
copyright elise gravel

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