You Ain't Seen Nuffin Yet....

I have a little solo exhibition in Norwich during sort of mid November...

As I am making all new work for the show, I want to utilise the lovely window area with a site-specific piece. 
Title:     Portmanteau
Dates:   8 to 19 November 
Open:   Tuesday to Saturday 09:00-17:00
Venue:  Anteros Arts
             7-15 Fye Bridge Street
             Norwich NR3 1LJ

Popped down there the other day to take some photos to remind me..

The library was empty, which meant I could see the space really clearly

If you can, please do come along - and even more importantly - do leave me some feedback/criticism in the comments book that I'll provide.
Sometimes when you embark on a new adventure, it's a bit butterflies in the tummy time.
You know, when you're not really sure if this is actually a direction you should be going - into the unknown.
So, to have some honest thoughts (not just "Lovely show" or "Nice work") will really help - I won't be around for most of the exhibition, which means I won't even know who wrote it...!!

The Library room at Anteros is a great little space. I really like that it isn't only a dedicated gallery. With a secondary function, it feels more approachable somehow. You can sit at the table in there, get a book out and mooch.
In keeping with the bookness of a Library, I will have sketchbooks for people to flick through...
If you follow me on Instagram, you will have had a sneak preview of some recent sketchbook pages - otherwise it's ALL NEW WORK - and you ain't seen nuffin yet!!!

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