Thanks Rob!

Rob, a colleague, is often sending useful links and I really liked this blog he recommended recently... It's about artist and graphic designer Julian Montague's interests and diversions. 
He is a collector of books too, mainly for the designs on the covers. Each day he puts up a post called 'Daily Book Graphics' - which showcases a book cover from his collection and sometimes the illustrations from within.
Here are a few examples:

I love the text, used as an image - and the colours, who'd have thought the orange / purple / navy combo would work? It's inspiring for new colour combinations in future designs...

So simple yet wholly effective - those torn edges adding a touch of drama - especially as that eye suspisiously looks past it - towards the opening edge and the story inside the book!

Leaving two sides brown and two black is a great design decision, I bet I'd have been tempted to make the whole thing black...
And the images work so well with the titles - well I suppose they should do really - that's why they were chosen to go to print! 

Take a look for yourself - which are your favourites?

There's a grand page on the Montague blog where you can see tiles of all the covers so far - called the Flipcard
Take a look here 
Thanks to Julian Montague for a lovely useful resource / inspiration / research tool
And thanks Rob for finding it!

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