Ever think "I could write this" or "I could illustrate that" about children's books?

Do you love reading outloud to your poppity-pumpkins?

You have a great idea for a story book?

You're often inventing lovely tales to keep the little ones happy?
A couple of lovely books I have read with my son recently that really 'work' for me, as picture books where the illustrations and narrative carry each other, are Doctor Meow's Big Emergency by Sam Lloyd...

(see some pages from the book here)

...and the other one is Christopher Nibble by Charlotte Middleton

There are some illustrations from the book here
My son really loves them both! - He has created a Christopher Nibble / Jeremy Mouse scenario with his Playmobil guinea-pigs and a toy red car - I'll take a photo in the morning and post it tomorrow...

Do you make up songs at bedtime to lull small people off to gentle sleep?

Look at your children's picture books and long to be making artwork for youngsters?

For me - it's when I play with or tidy or sort out the children's toys. I love the colours and the shapes and feel the urge to draw them.
I love the way that some soft toys have the potential to become real 'characters'.

I was sorting through my little fella's toys yesterday - ordering things to enhance his play experience, (you know - like a good mummy should !!) when I realised I have a great deal of affection for Lego and I really love toy vehicles. Anyway - that's a whole another post...

If you really are serious about trying your hand at writing or illustrating (or both) for children, I would advise joining SCBWI - that's the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
It started out in the US and is still based there - but there is a large British SCBWI contingent over here in the UK... It is very supportive, with conferences, a handboook and regional get togethers; critiques, networking etc.
Visit the website for more info. and get busy - your idea might be just what the publishers have been looking for...

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