As Promised - Here's how Influential a Good Picture Book or Two can be!

Awwww - Bless him, he set this up the other day and checks on them occasionally - moving Jeremy and Christopher around, depending on what they're up to...
Here are Christopher Nibble and Jeremy Mouse - you can see my son is kneeling down to explain to me what's happening...

He called me through to the sitting room to show me the guinea-pigs in the village - I asked him "Why are they sitting there?"... "They are going to school" he said.

And here is where they sit to have their "Cup a tea and some toast"

You can see here that "Jeremy is in his red car" whilst it seems Christopher is still eating his breakfast... Sometimes the chair and the table have to be "very straight together"..

Oh what a sweet pair. Bye-bye you two!


nigel bacon said...

Hi Annie,
This is so beautiful, it made me cry!



Annie said...

Oh thank you Pops! - His imaginative play is just gorgeous! He does little voices for them all!! x