If You Were One; What Would YOU Be?

I really love old toy vehicles...I go to a boot sale where there's sometimes a chap who's stall has masses of toys - farm animals, action figures, dolls and boxes of small things...for rummaging through.
He usually has some lovely old toy cars too. If I had the money, garages and the time I'd have one or two real live full size classic cars so I suppose I satisfy my desires somewhat here by trying to make them look big...

These are a few of the really tiny ones I have - the last one being one of three where having numbers on the top is the most attractive feature!
I do love these two because initially - at a glance - they could be the real things!
My Dad informs me that this is actually part of a toy train - not a lorry as I thought... So lovely and simple! I think this is really sweet - makes me think - If I were a car; what kind of car would I be? - My favourite of all time is the Austin A30, or A35 but am I that car...? I also have a soft spot for classic tractors too!! Hehe - maybe I'm and old '950 Implematic'!
If you were one; what would YOU be?

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